by Alive In The Dark

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released January 29, 2013


tags: metal Union


all rights reserved


Alive In The Dark Union, New Jersey

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Track Name: The Sea Divides
This journey that I have taken has left me alone in the ocean.
I have battled my fears and fought with the enemy.
I’ve given you all that I am and accepted that you are the I AM.
But now I see that the journey is nearing its end.
I can sense that I am at a breaking point a turning point.
The waters are splitting a path, revealing a road that can take me home.
A place that many have written and few have seen before.
I want to be by your throne
But now I take the next step into being a servant for you.
I will face this new challenge head on.
I know that I can reach the end of the road and enter the home you are preparing for me.
I cannot wait. I am so impatient. I've grown sick of this world.
That even though I can’t let go.
I want to let go, but I can’t let go.
Slay this beast, oh Lord. I can’t let go.
I want to let go. But I can’t let go.
Slay this beast, oh Lord.
I have been faithful for years and years, oh Lord but I have found that this war has taken its toll on me.
I need to know
Don’t leave my side.
I cannot do this my own.
Don’t leave my side.
Please help me through this war
Track Name: Fear My Sword
I need to become what I said out to be and not fall prey to the tempter.
I am led by the Conqueror he is the one I live for why I still breathe.
He is conqueror of death and defeat.
My father whom in which I strongly believe.
My father who sacrificed everything
In order to save me and all those who receive
All the truth made the earth and its grand beauty.
He gave it all up just to save the ones who disobeyed.
We are so unworthy. We are Unworthy.
I was lost and you found me. You gave me to reason to live.
and I can never fully repay that debt.
I shall do my best to be yours forever.
The world must know your name for you to take us home.
I will not give up in spreading new hope. I will not let one soul go.
Track Name: Sons Of Abraham
So you say you love my King.
Then grab your sword and fight with me.
In a war that been waging for years and years.
They say an end’s in sight but I say we still have to fight.
To share message of love and redemption and fight off the world’s oppression.
You have a spiritual high, just reborn and already ready to die.
I hope you know what you signed up for.
We are warriors. We aren’t monsters.
We aren’t residents. We are aliens.
We are the sons of Abraham.
Now let me make a few things clear.
If you ride with me you must adhere.
This nonsense of judging those who don’t believe will not fly with me.
Don’t you dare think for a second you better than anyone else.
Call yourself servants of the King.
You are serving the grand enemy.
Bite Your Tongue.
We are warriors. We aren’t monsters.
We aren’t Residents. We are aliens.
We are the sons of Abraham.
This world is no longer our home.
It has been poisoned!
We must end the hate.
Track Name: Surrounded By Wolves
Tell Me! Tell me another story of how these wolves attack.
They come dressed within sheep's clothing and tear our hearts apart.
We live in world that encourages this.
This is not freedom. This is not constitution.
We have to stop them now. (x2)
These wolves they try to break us down.
We will not give in. We will not give up.
We have a greater purpose to serve.
We will not be a part of your world.
We will rise against the darkness.
Be a light unto the world.
Shinning as bright as the sun.
Illuminating the shadows of those in power.
They have only one agenda.
They want total control of our minds.
These wolves they try to break us down.
We will not give in. We will give up.
We have a greater purpose to serve.
We will not be a part of your world.
We shall never walk in darkness.
For your word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.
I have no reason to fear these wolves when they come to attack.
Fight off the wolves with your word served as blades.
Cut of their heads with your word served as blades.
Track Name: Broken Prisms
No Your Not.Remember who you were in this world.”
Your self-less imagery is one you protect yet you must realize
it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s fragile like your beliefs and as fragile as the life you lead.
Made of glass! (3x)
reflects one thing but when looked at from your view, we see through it. We see through the opaque cover you put to hide what you don’t want us to see.
Made of glass! (3x)
Fragile and easily broken! (2x)
Viewed in one way, but what you make us believe is a mirror to your own force-fed protagonist image is what you reflect. With the slightest of touch, it will be shattered!
It will be shattered!
Broken Prisms! (2x)
Your ways will be seen from the remains of your fall, laid out like a puzzle where the pieces fit and make out your true being. Who you are in reality will come to light!
“I’m not what you say I am, not to the world.
Let’s face it. You’re one person and in this world you mean nothing. I am what you wish you were, king of this world. I give them what they want and yet you go against me?” Who don't
I’ll tell you like my ancestors told you once before. I am the son of the one who conquered you and you lost long ago. The fight, the battle, the war has been won. You have no power over me.
You have no power over me. The sacrifice of the lamb set me free. The mirror shatters the darkness once in me. I have found mercy in the King.
Did it hurt when you landed from heaven?! Flat on your face, dead in the hole you belong in to rot for the rest of eternity!
Track Name: Blueprint
You worship those of the darkest nature.
Treat them like kings and queens of this world.
False idols own this world.
Publicly displaying tributes to the dark arts.
What have we done? What have we all become? (x2)
Have we no shame? Have we lost our way? (x2)
They call it creative and innovating.
I call it an act of war against my God.
Bring it on for He will come out on top.
We already won…but yet
We allow them to poison our mind with hate...
What have we done? What have we all become? (x2)
Have we no shame? Have we lost our way? (x2)
I will not give in!
I will not live in your world.
I will not be a part of your false reign.
False kingdom.
My faith!
My God is greater than yours will ever be!
Track Name: One By One
These are the words I failed to follow. Stay Faithful! Stay true to all that you are. This persecution from the world unseen has left me to give up everything. Spreading the word of hope while avoiding the authority.
I am fading. I am falling. Can you hear me? I need you NOW!
The world is telling me that I am foolish for believing in you. I’m starting to break. Are my cries in vain?
All that has been foretold is coming to completion. They will start to come for us. One by one.
One by One. They will track us down and take away our freedom. One by One. One by One.
Killing us for what we believe. They mock us “Where is Your God?”
I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You. Be strong to know that I am by your side always.
Stand Strong. Don’t Fall..
Cast your burden unto me. For I will set you free. Stay Faithful.
Stand Strong. Don’t Fall.
Track Name: Cold Skies Of The North
Can we reach a moment of clarity? Is there such thing as a common ground.
We are dividing a corrupted nation. The future of our society is dwindling down.
Arguing arguing while the world sits back and laughs at all of us.
You are all fools. Fighting each other while world slowly dies.
Is there nothing better to do?
We all want what is best at the time and never worry about the future we leave behind.
Tell me? How does you're little story end? A persecution from the government is imminent We will be destroying the world because you all have to you're own way.
This will be the death of us all. Is there any hope for change?
We all want what is best at the time and never worry about the future we leave behind.
God Help us all! We are falling victims to the human's law. God Help us all!
Track Name: The Secret Life Of Mr. Chu
Days like this where the end feels like the start. Where the night becomes clear and day disappears. I know the end is near but is this how it’s supposed to be. The world has gone to deep.
All the lies. The secrets and the spies. Deceitful they hide behind the bright lights. We are just puppets to them.
Lead blind like sheep to slaughter infecting the minds of our sons and daughters.
When are gonna take stand and tell them you don’t control us!
Are we gonna make a move? Are we sick of nothing. How long you wait for? To just loose it all. I won’t stand by watch my soul be eaten alive.
The signs are everywhere. Rumors and Rumors of hell. This has all been foretold. Can you really sit there and state that you don’t care? When they take us away and claim its only their way.
I’ve had enough of this damn routine! I’ll make a change and for the true king!
Track Name: Crimson Glass
The God of this age has blinded the minds of those who are perishing.
Easily deceived by all the lies we are fed by the society.
We are labeled the radicals.
the terrorist that's what they call us.
We are nation of the lamb-like beast.
We don’t bear the mark of the beast.
We stand faithful while the world goes to hell.
We are the remenant. We are the faithful.
Burn the church and their bible to the ground.
Their false doctrine is what is affecting their minds.
Destroy it all.
Your God Is Dead. All hail the new King.
Execute those who rebel.
You cannot run!
Execute those who rebel. No remorse for them all.
Give them the hell that they want.
They are the ones who brought this on themselves.
They are the ones who refused bow down.
Execute those who rebel.
The window for grace is closed. The devil runs free on this world.
Remember that we have been told to endure the pains and there is great reward.
I will not give in this world full of sin.
We are so close now to seeing the heavens open up.
Execute them all! Show no mercy.
Hunt them down they can't escape. They must all die.
If I die we I die for Christ.
We know that he’s paid a greater price.
The sky shall open up revealing our king and all his glory.
We are the faithful. We are the sons of Abraham.
We are the remnant. We are forever in your debt.
Track Name: Mt. Olympus
Let those rocks fall on me!
For I am unworthy.
I stand upon this battlefield of the blood of those murdered.
I wanted so much to take you in, but I fell further away from you.
And now I stand on this mountain top begging for the rocks to fall.
On top of me now!
The earth will burn. I will burn now with it.
The earth will burn and I will burn now with it.
I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.
Give me another chance. Give me another life.
To prove that I am yours, that I don’t belong with the same fate of the wicked.
But it’s too late now. The books are closed, I am damned.
Condemned to this inferno. No hope. No redemption.
I had my chance and I forfeited the right to your love.
I see your face and I know that I was wrong.
Father! Please forgive me!
This earth will burn and I will with it.
Track Name: Advent
This is the final stand!
Our blood, our tears, and all that we have sacrificed has lead us all to this point.
Where the dragon finally gets laid to rest.
But this all ends right now! (x2)
I dreamt of this day all my life.
Now that it’s here, not a single thing could be better.
But the dragon and his slaves make a final push out of desperation.
They will not go down without a fight.
They pull out their blades and they attack!
Their efforts are foolish.
Their fate been decided.
Let the fire come from the sky!
Consumed by the lake of fire!
They shall be tortured day and night for timeless ages.
Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn for the death you’ve brought to us all!
We shall ascend to the sky with our Lord.
The faithful shall be rewarded!
We're going home.
Going Home!
We're going home!
Bring on the new world
This world is over
Bring on the new world
This world has been corrupted